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Myanmar candidate backs spending splash as opposition eyes election win

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A man prepares to dry his clothes near a SKY Net satellite dish at a housing area for government staff in Bewlekhe
Thomson Reuters

By Hnin Yadana Zaw

BAWLAKHE, myanmar tours (Reuters) - A close ally of Myanmar President Thein Sein has backed projects worth tens of thousands of dollars in his constituency, including satellite dishes, water distribution and a soccer competition ahead of Nov. 8 elections, villagers and local campaign staff said.

Soe Thein's largesse in Bawlakhe, a remote town in the eastern state of Kayah, may help him to secure his seat in a vote the political opposition is expected to win easily.

The powerful author of Myanmar's economic reforms is contesting a seat in the upper house of parliament, and Bawlakhe is seen as one of the few places the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) and its allies has a chance of winning.

It has few voters and many of them are members of the military stationed in barracks in the town.
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